About us

picture of founder of golden elixir chai

Hi, I am Rashmi, the founder of Golden Elixir Chai. 

Our instant tea blend business was born completely out of necessity. I grew up on authentic cups of "chai", brewed for a long time with fresh spices, crushed ginger, or whatever flavor was on my mind that day. Tea was not just a habit, it was an experience and way of life. I continued making tea the "right" way after I moved to US but finding a decent cup of chai while traveling or while at work was impossible. I started making my own instant blends to make a delicious cup of tea in those hotel rooms and campground cabins, while vacationing, and realized there was a need for a truly authentic taste without the addition of artificial colors and fillers. Golden Elixir Chai was made to fill that gap.

Golden Elixir Chai is a WBENC certified woman-owned, independent business with the objective of providing our  customers with a range of exceptional quality Chai blends, flavored with the freshest natural ingredients that mother nature provides. Our company is continuously working on sustainability and it starts with our reusable metal tins and bamboo scoops. Our products will meet the needs of everyone who is looking for authentic flavors, while at home or on the go.
We believe that good food should be simple.... the flavors don't need to come from chemicals, and colors don't need to be artificial.  Our Golden Elixir Chai blends are lovingly handmade in small batches for superior taste and quality.
Thank you for choosing Golden Elixir Chai!