Tea cup with spices and flowers



What is Chai? The name “chai” is actually the Hindi word for “tea”. Since most Indians drink tea boiled with milk and sugar, the word has become synonymous with milk tea.  Traditional chai beverages can vary from town-to-town and family-to-family and there is no one recipe that defines chai.
Do I need to steep this tea? All our blends are instant powders. There is no need to steep or strain the tea. Just mix with hot water and enjoy! 
Does this taste good with oat milk, almond milk, agave, etc?  Our blends taste great mixed with just hot water or with any kind of dairy and non dairy milk and any kind of sweetener. 
Do your blends contain caffeine? Except for Riveting Rooibos, all other flavors are caffeinated. They all have approximately 30 - 35 mg caffeine per serving.
Are your blends free of allergens? We do not add any nuts, wheat, sugar or dairy to our blends. However, we do process and pack our blends in a shared facility with equipment that processes other ingredients as well. 
Are your products Organic and GMO free? Our products are not organic. However, our ingredients are GMO free and Kosher.
Why are some flavor tins more "full" than others? Some tins may appear more full than others. This is because we sell our blends by weight, not volume.
How long do Golden Elixir Chai blends stay good? The shelf life for all our blends is 2 years. After that, there may be loss of flavor.
How do I get my hands on one of your blends?

We are so glad you asked! Head to the “Find us” and “Shop” pages and keep checking back as our company grows and our markets expand.

Our blends are also available for purchase on 'Amazon' and 'Etsy'

How do I find wholesale information?

Check out our Wholesale page.

Can my children have this tea? We will leave this decision to you, the parents. All our blends, except Riveting Rooibos, are caffeinated. 
Can I really make 50 cups of tea per tin? Yes! All our blends contain a small bamboo scoop which measures out 1/4 tsp (approx. 1gram) of our blend. Our blends are made with pure ingredients which are bursting with flavor and 1 scoop makes a delicious cup of tea. You might need to add more or less depending on your flavor palate and if you are adding a lot of milk, sugar, etc. 
Do you have recipe suggestions? Yes! click on this link for some delicious recipe ideas.